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Decaf Tea

Sometimes you just want to have that perfect cup of tea but would rather not have the caffeine. So how do you decaffeinate your tea then? Well, simply put, we don’t even sell decaf versions of our teas because the process is so simple and easy.

How to decaffeinate your tea in 3 easy steps:

  1. Brew your tea like you normally would but only leave the hot water in there for 30 seconds.
  2. Pour out the water.
  3. Place your hand on your back and pat 3 times.

How is this possible?

            During the 30 seconds that the tea leaves are in the hot water, the caffeine is released from the leaves and into the water. Once you pour out the water, the caffeine goes along with it. Once you re-brew your tea, leaving it in hot water for the proper amount of time, you’ll have a perfect cup of decaf tea.

How effective is this?

            As with any decaffeinating method, there will still be trace amounts of caffeine. However, decaffeinating your tea this way is just as effective as commercial methods but is natural. Commercially decaffeinated teas are either treated with Ethel Acetate or CO2. No thanks.

Does this affect the health benefits of the tea?

             Yes, decaffeinating your tea does wash away some antioxidants and other beneficial properties that come from tea. However, most teas contain such high levels of antioxidants that you can still benefit from drinking decaf tea. Basically, the 30 seconds you leave the tea in the hot water isn’t really long enough to wash away all that goodness. We recommend you purchase teas that don’t contain caffeine, such as herbal teas and Rooibos teas, if you want the health benefits without the caffeine. If you just like the flavor of regular tea but don’t want the caffeine, then go ahead and decaffeinate.